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12 Questions to Find Senior Living Facility

Tool to evaluate hidden care quality of a senior living facility

Senior Living



Discover what truly matters in evaluating senior living facilities beyond the brochures with these 12 essential questions:

1.     Are residents enjoying each other’s company?

2.     Do residents talk and share plans when they meet?

3.     Does the Environment Support Well-being and Foster Friendships?

4.     Is Staff Ignoring Residents?

5.     How Does Staff Interact with Residents?

6.     Do Staff View Residents as Individuals or Tasks?

7.     How Do Residents Treat Staff?

8.     Do Residents Take a Personal Interest in Staff?

9.     How Do Residents Request Assistance from Staff?

10.  Does the It Feel Like a Home Rather Than a Prison or Assembly Line?

11.  Are There Opportunities to Connect Over Shared Interests?

12.  Does the Community Promote Engagement and Purpose?

We've tailored a checklist to assist in your evaluation, ensuring you consider the most crucial quality of care aspects of potential homes. Use this resource to make a well-informed decision.

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