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8 Instrumental Activities of Daily Living

Tool to assess level of dependence in managing the 8 IADLs

Activities of Daily Living



Eight instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs) are essential for maintaining a high-functioning, independent, quality life. The Lawton-Brody IADL Scale offers a framework for evaluating these essential activities, guiding families in recognizing when and what kind of support might be required. It encompasses these eight key activities:

1.     Using the Communication Tools

2.     Shopping

3.     Preparing Meals

4.     Housekeeping

5.     Doing the Laundry

6.     Managing Medications

7.     Handling Finances

8.     Arranging Transportation


Each activity is an integral part of daily life, and difficulties in performing one or more can indicate the need for additional support. Download a copy of the Lawton-Brody IADL Scale to start your evaluation and monitoring process.

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