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Latrine Clean

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Going to the bathroom is the second activity of daily living (“ADL”).

#2 ADL - Toileting and Continence Management

How well do you use the toilet?

Toileting and Continence Management measures your mental and physical ability to:

  • Maintain control of your bowel and bladder functions,

  • Get on and off the toilet safely,

  • Clean genital area,

  • Perform critical hygiene including care for catheter or colostomy bag, and

  • Use a bedpan or commode.

Activities of daily living indices and long-term care insurance criteria often separate one’s ability to maintain control of bodily functions from the actual use of a toilet. Because these are highly related, we have combined the two.

Signs you may need additional help going to the bathroom include:

  • Difficulty sitting on or getting up from the toilet, a task that may be more difficult if using a cane, walker, or wheelchair,

  • Soiled and smelly clothing,

  • Urine or poop on the toilet seat or the bathroom floor, and

  • One or more bladder infections.


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