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Get Things Done!

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Completing the instrumental activities to run your household are the seventh group of activities of daily living (“ADL”).

#7 ADL - Instrumental Activities to Run Your Household

How well do you get instrumental activities of daily living done?

Several factors may contribute to one’s ability to perform the tasks required to live independently including natural aging, acute illness, worsening chronic conditions, and recovery from hospitalization.

An assessment of your ability to complete these tasks can assist loved ones, caregivers, and heath care providers in designing a rehabilitation program or arranging for in home services including meal preparation, nursing care, maid services, personal care, companionship, and ongoing supervision.

To learn where you may need additional support consider:

Cleaning and Maintaining Home

How Well Do You Clean and Maintain Your Home?

To complete household tasks alone or with occasional help, you

  • Dust, mop, and clean kitchen, bathrooms, and living areas,

  • Wash the dishes and put them in the proper place,

  • Launder, iron, and fold clothing and return items to closets and drawers,

  • Change sheets and make the bed,

  • Complete low-skill home improvement projects such as changing light bulbs and HVAC filters, replacing batteries,

  • Mow, weed, water, and trim landscaping, and

  • Dispose of trash and clutter appropriately.

Planning and Preparing Meals

How Well Do You Plan and Prepare Meals?

To meet your current nutritional needs, you

  • Plan daily meals that meet dietary recommendations and adequate nourishment,

  • Check supplies and draft a shopping list for ingredients,

  • Follow recipe directions for preparing and cooking food, and

  • Serve meals, box up leftovers, and wash dishes, utensils, cooking equipment.

Shopping and Transporting Trips

How Well Do You Get Your Shopping Done and Get Around?

To leave your house and go to the store, pharmacy, medical appointments, and other locations, you

  • Drive own car or arrange for travel by friends and family, public transportation, taxi, or shared ride service,

  • Select and pay for household supplies, groceries, apparel, and other items either in-store or online, and

  • Travel to designated place, park, and use elevator, escalator, or stairs to get to correct location.

Managing Medications

To keep yourself healthy, you

  • Understand the purpose of taking over the counter and prescription drugs,

  • Fill and refill prescriptions to ensure everything is up to date,

  • Arrange daily medications to take correct dosage at prescribed frequency,

  • Consume or inject medicine at the correct time of day; with or without food and beverage, as directed,

  • Store and dispose of drugs as recommended, and

  • Monitor health statistics and take appropriate measures.

Handling Finances

How Well Do You Manage Your Money?

To maintain financial security and stability, you

  • Make spending budget and balance accounts,

  • Complete large and small purchases,

  • Write checks and pay bills on time,

  • Make deposits and balance accounts,

  • Track and collect income from multiple sources, and

  • Prepare and pay taxes.

Communicating with and Entertaining Others

Are You Social and Connected with Family and Friends?

To talk with friends, family, and others, you

  • Dial traditional and/or mobile telephone; and hang up when done,

  • Call friends, family, and well-known contacts,

  • Hang up on telemarketer and other scam callers,

  • Address and send mail and/or email, and

  • Plan, invite, and host visitors.

If you want to learn more or take the actual assessments, here are the links:


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