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Elderly Living Options

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

Explore elderly living options, costs, and possible ways to pay for what you need.

Whether you want to make modifications to keep you in your home or move to a more traditional facility, there is lots to consider and plenty of resources to help you decide. Choosing the right place for you will depend on:

  • How easy it is to remodel your current home and whether the investment is worth it?

  • What options are available to you in your area or near family and friends that can help you? Senior citizen housing for you may include independent living, assisted living, nursing home, memory care, group home, skilled nursing, and rehabilitation facilities.

  • How much does each cost? Can you afford the one(s) you want? Is there social service assistance or long-term care insurance available to pay for part or all of the expenses?

Stories in this category will help you and your loved ones decide on The Home that best fits you and your finances.

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