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All Dressed Up and Ready

Getting dressed for the day or bedtime is the third activity of daily living (“ADL”).

#3 ADL Getting Dressed for Day or Bedtime

How well do you put on and take off clothing and shoes?

Determining if you can get ready for the days’ activities and then off to bed in the evening involves:

  • Grabbing the clothes from closets and drawers

  • Pulling on and off underwear, clothes, outer wear, and shoes, and

  • Tying shoes and attaching any necessary braces, fasteners, or artificial limbs

Reasons you may need more help include:

  • Swollen hands and feet that reduce lack dexterity

  • Getting ready takes much longer than before and what a fully independent person may take to do similar tasks (i.e. an hour or more)

  • Difficulty bending over or raising arms above head

  • Limited or declining balance


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