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Welcome to GeriScope

We’re here for elderly patients and caregivers that want to demystify the end of life odyssey.

We're demystifying the end-of-life odyessy for you.

GeriScope is for elderly patients and their caregivers that want to know what to expect at the end of life; and its not for newly retired in good health and living independently.

Are you struggling to achieve the best possible outcome? This could be your shortcut to start demystifying the end of life odyssey.

Here you’ll learn about . . .

  • What’s going on in your current end of life stage.

  • What to expect in future phases.

  • Where to access reliable information and resources.

  • Practical advice and helpful tips.

  • Good books, blogs, and magazines to read.

  • Recommendations on tools and equipment to assist in activities of daily living.

Whether you’re dealing with multiple chronic conditions or a terminal illness, the unknown can be overwhelming.

In talking with experts, searching the Internet, and reading countless publications we’ve found that there are nine common stages patients and their caregivers navigate at the end of life. How long each stage lasts depends on the loved one. And the knowledge and resources needed in each stage differs.

Having completed the journey ourselves, we are dedicated to help you create the happy ending that’s right for you and your loved ones.

We’ve only just begun. Each week we’re committed to provide you with a couple of new stories along with helpful links to great work done by others in the field. So we encourage you to bookmark GeriScope and share any of the content with your family, friends, and coworkers that need helpful information about end of life challenges.

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